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1 / A Chew Toy and not an edible treat

Augie Bones is not an edible treat, it’s a toy so dogs should not eat them. We made them TUFF but dogs shouldn’t be able to tear off large chunks. However, every dog chews differently and while we like to think an Augie Bones is a super tough toy, there is no such thing as an indestructible toy, so always watch your dog when chewing.


You may see small flaky pieces that come off. Those won’t leave behind harmful microplastics. Regularly clean up any debris that could entangle with small bits to make sure they are not ingested.

Size Matters

Choose the appropriate size of toy for your dog and be aware of irregular shapes that could get stuck during playtime.

Wear and Tear

They may chew down a bit further than typical tuff toys, so keep an eye out for when they get too well worn. When should I throw the bone away?


While the toys are infused with flavoring all the way through the bone, the toys are not a food and require no refrigeration. Be careful to pick up toys after use to avoid stepping on sharp chewed edges.

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