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How an Augie Bone
Behaves When Chewed

Our Augie Bones boast a durability that can generally last a few weeks, or even over a month depending on the aggressiveness of your chewer. To assist you in making an informed decision, we've included some photos to help you recognize when it's time to consider replacing your Augie Bone. Your pet's enjoyment and safety are our priority. From all of us at Augie Bones, we hope your dog enjoys our super yummy and environmentally safe toys!​​​​


  • Augie Bones when chewed, behave just like typical tough chew toys on the market.

  • Dogs should not be able to tear of large chunks, however, no toy is indestructible so always watch your dog when chewing.

  • Augie Bones may chew down a bit further than typical tuff toys.

  • You will see small flakey pieces come off. These are non-toxic and won't leave behind harmful microplastics.

Light Chew.jpg

Light Chew

Regularly inspect the chew for any signs of wear, and if you observe minimal damage, it's safe to continue to use.

Medium Chew

It's advisable to monitor this condition regularly. If you notice any more significant wear, cracks or any damage, consider replacing it. Medium chews are generally safe for dogs to chew, but it's essential to prioritize your pet's safety and provide a fresh, intact Augie Bone as needed.

Medium Chew.jpg
Heavy Chew.jpg

Heavy Chew

If you detect substantial wear, cracks, or any loose pieces, it's time to discard and replace the chew to ensure your dog's safety. Providing a fresh and intact Augie Bone will contribute to a secure and satisfying chewing experience for your furry friend.

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